The Great Adventure

People most often come to see me wanting a quick fix. Sometimes, quick fixes are possible – that is, if a person is interested only in getting rid of the current discomfort in his or her life, that person may be able to find temporary relief. But usually, true healing of the source of one’s suffering takes a lot of work and a lot of time.


Often, in the process of uncovering the roots of our discomfort, we begin to see the depths of the source of that discomfort, and we realize that there is much more to see than we had suspected. We realize, in fact, that we are on a spiritual journey – the journey home – and that the journey is a long one. At this point, we are faced with a decision: “Do I venture forth on this journey, ‘I know not where, by a path I know not how’? Or do I retreat back into the (false) security of the suffering I’m familiar with?”


The first big corner one has to turn on the inner journey is to commit to do whatever it takes for however long it takes. When one truly commits to the path in this way, much of one’s suffering falls away. That is, one gives up the resistance to the deepest drive within oneself – the drive to re-member one’s True Nature – and then  the inner journey becomes what I call the Great Adventure.


Sadly, in my experience, very few people ever turn that first corner and embark on the Great Adventure. The spiritual quest requires a level of dedication, effort and determination that is beyond the ordinary. On that journey, one must face tremendous difficulty  –  terror, rage, excruciating pain, existential angst…. If one is fortunate, one may find friends – spiritual brothers and sisters – to share the journey with. But, ultimately, it is a solitary journey. One has to face one’s demons alone. And the challenges and opportunities for opening more and more deeply to the Truth of one’s Being are endless!

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