Ordinary to Extraordinary

What has changed in my life since spending 7 days in an intensive with Dale and my significant-other?  Basically, I learned to use ordinary experiences and relationships and create extraordinary life experiences that have such depth that for the first time in my life I am feeling/receiving the love I have always craved but did not know how to get.


In my primary relationship I had either shut down without expecting to get my needs met sacrificing my “self” or became embittered and locked into a power struggle.  I was the queen of abandoning both self and other in relationship. When the going got tough, I got going – gone.


I have learned to know myself in an ongoing discovery process that allows me to explore what is happening inside me.  I notice now when I am uncomfortable within myself and ask the right questions which lead me home.  I have learned to speak authentically, with compassion for other much of the time.  I have learned to listen without owning my “other’s” stuff and to notice what belongs to me without trying to force him to wear my stuff, fix it, etc.  This discovery process has removed the separation within my partnership while also giving me myself on a more full time basis.  The surrender to inner peace and love is mine for the first time.  Finally, I know I have found the truest way for me to be and give back to the world.


Since I did this with my significant other/partner I want to say that this is the deepest, most direct path to having intimate relationships.  It was my crash course (after having a lifetime of less than wonderful relationships, reading tons of self-help books, therapy, etc.) to getting what I have always wanted: love.


Dana Kilgore

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